Manage users

This article is for Administrators only.

Invite new users to your workspace

Inviting a new user to your workspace is a multistep process that must be reproduced for each new user.

Step 3. Confirm the creation of the request on your device

Provide users with a device, which then needs to be initialized. For more information, see Initialize your Personal Security Device.

Once done, a unique User ID is displayed on the Ledger Vault app welcome page. Ask the user to send it to you using your organization's preferred communication channel. This is needed to invite users to your workspace.


Step 2. Create a user invitation and send the invitation URL to the user

Invite users to your workspace using the User ID they've sent you using your organization's preferred communication channel. Once done, you'll generate an invitation URL you can then send to the user. Each URL is unique for each user. If the User ID you've entered in the invitation is incorrect, the user won't be able to connect to the URL.


Step 3. Ask the user to register on the URL

Ask the user to open the invitation URL in a browser and Register on the Ledger Vault.


Step 4. Approve the user request

Once the user has registered, the request status is automatically updated and submitted to all Administrators for approval. You can approve it from the dashboard. For more information, see Approve or reject a request.

Step 5. Notify the user

Once the request is approved, the user can connect to your workspace.

Inform the user using your organization's preferred communication channel.

Suspend Operators

Only Operators can be suspended.

You can temporarily prevent an Operator from accessing your organization's workspace. This functionality is useful when you want to ensure an Operator can't operate on the platform without having to revoke them entirely. You can reactivate the user at any time after the suspension. For more information, see Suspend an Operator.


Revoke users

Operators and Administrators can be revoked at any time. This permanently prevents them from accessing your workspace.

Revoking Administrators affects the admin rule

Revoking an Administrator potentially decreases the required number of approvals required to authorize sensitive tasks. You'll be prevented from revoking an Administrator if this results in having less than three Administrators registered in your workspace.

Invite a user previously revoked

Users are associated to a unique User ID generated on their device when initializing it. It allows associating users to their device when they connect and work on the platform. When revoking a user, their User ID is permanently blocked on your workspace. To solve this, the user must reset and initialize their device again to generate a new User ID. You can then invite them again following the process described in the Invite new users to your workspace section.

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