Staking with Ledger Vault

If a cryptocurrency you own on Ledger Vault allows staking, you can stake some of your holdings and earn a percentage-rate reward over time.

What is staking?

Cryptocurrencies that allow staking use a Proof of Stake consensus mechanism to verify and secure transactions. Validators put their coins on the line for a chance to add a new block in the blockchain in exchange for a reward. Ledger Vault puts your staked assets to work supporting validators and contributing to the security and efficiency of the blockchain.

Why stake with Ledger Vault?

  • You can stake directly from the platform in a few easy steps. You remain in complete control of the process and your assets.
  • You are free to enforce dedicated governance rules for your staking transactions. Operators review and validate staking transactions on a trusted hardware.
  • Ledger carefully selects partner validators for their reliability and profitability to optimize the yield on your staked assets.

How does it work?

  • Administrators define a staking rule for the supported proof-of-stake blockchain accounts. This rule governs staking transactions.
  • Operators can stake assets, select validators, and unstake assets from the dashboard of proof-of-stake accounts.

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Ledger currently supports staking on the following networks:

More proof-of-stake cryptocurrencies will follow soon!