Tax & Accounting

Connect your Ledger Enterprise platform to insitutional-grade accounting, audit, and tax software for digital assets.

Tax & accounting platforms only require read-access to your Ledger Enterprise workspace. We recommend creating reporting API Keys to manage connections to tax & accounting platforms.

Our support team remains available for any additional assistance.


You can connect your Ledger Enterprise workspace to Cryptio's enterprise-grade accounting, audit and tax platform.

  • Extract a complete & accurate historical transaction history from 25+ chains.
  • Automate valuation and pricing of crypto assets in line with international audit standards.
  • Automate cost basis and gain and losses computations, even at high transaction volumes.
  • Reconcile on-chain movements with internal finance systems and ERP systems like Netsuite, Oracle, SAP, and more.
  • Generate GAAP and IFRS-compliant reports, including Asset Roll Forwards, Trial balances, Ledger entries, and Portfolio balances.
  • Implement internal controls to address completeness, accuracy & valuation risks for financial audit readiness.


You can easily connect your Ledger Enterprise workspace to Ledgible's institutional digital asset tax and accounting platform.

  • Automatically sync crypto transactions and holdings with Ledgible
  • Track your portfolio
  • Comply with tax regulations
  • Get real-time insights into your crypto assets.
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